The Middle School program is designed to increase cohort learning experiences across skill and grade levels. Cohort learning is proven to

  • improve academic performance due to enhanced feelings of support and connection
  • increase exposure to diverse ideas and perspectives
  • give the support and motivation needed to strive and reach for higher expectations
  • provide experience relative to real world group and interpersonal skills
  • increase learners abilities to generalize and transfer experiences into further environments 

Benefits of cohort learning included skill development in the following areas:

Collaboration: With facilitation on social interaction and collaboration with peers, cohort learning enhances learning experiences and overall sense of community

Continuation of Learning: As students advance through learning experiences, cohort learning allows for teachers to individually structure the learning needs to each individual. Group abilities provide continued support as skill progression advances.

Support: Cohort learning connects learners with the support of their peers and teachers. Active engagement and encouragement extend learning opportunities.

Perspective: Cohort learning expands learners’ perspectives. As engagement with others increases, students are exposed to new choices, opinions, experiences and ideas.

Program of Studies