Ruamrudee International School will be known globally as a hallmark of international education, nurturing intellectual development, moral character, and physical well-being, while fostering compassion through action and shaping the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.


Ruamrudee International School is a Catholic school that provides an interfaith, inclusive, and academically rigorous education for students to be balanced, successful, and compassionate individuals.

OUR PRINCIPLES (Principles of Phoenix aka PoPs)

Leadership Team

Rev. Davidjieng Ketsurin, C.Ss.R

School Director

Ms. Patricia Martinez Orozco

Director of Academics/Principal

Ms. Sudarat T. Attanawin

Assistant School Director, Strategy & Operations

Ms. Courtney Konyn

Head of PR, Marketing and Admissions


Our Pre-Kindergarten program starts with our youngest RIS students—our 2-year-olds. RIS is proud of our purpose-built Pre-K Pod here at the Ratchapruek Campus. With classrooms, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, a soft-play motor room, and even a swimming pool designed for our youngest learners, students ages 2–5 receive a gentle introduction to school in a warm and welcoming environment.

Early Childhood is a very specialized area within education, requiring very special teachers. All of our PreK teachers are certified and trained in Early Childhood education. Each grade level (Pre-K 2, 3, and 4) has a certified Early Childhood Special Educator on its team, as well as Instructional Assistants, and they all assist in meeting the children’s developmental needs. Teachers are trained in the Reggio Emilia approach to learning and continue to study with ongoing professional development. RIS believes in a low teacher-to-student ratio, and this is especially important for our Pre-Kindergarten students. Pre-K 2 classrooms are limited to 12 students with 3 adults in each room. Pre-K 3 classrooms are limited to 12 students with 2 adults in each room, and Pre-K 4 is limited to 14 students with 2 adults in each room.

Elementary School

Elementary School includes our students in Kindergarten to Grade 8. These are especially crucial years for building a strong educational foundation. RIS provides a rigorous academic program that integrates students’ social and emotional development. All of our elementary school teachers are highly qualified and certified within their specific subject areas. Many of our teachers have additional certifications in reading, language development, and learning support. But that is not what makes our Elementary program such a special place; it is the warm, caring environment that facilitates learning and builds character, preparing our students for middle school, high school, college, and life. We take pride in nurturing the student-centered learning environment we provide for our children.

English Language Development

The English Language Development Program (ELD) recognizes that one of the top priorities in a quality international education is the attainment of an academic-level of English fluency. English language learners are designated by their level of proficiency, from beginner to advanced, and each level requires matched instructional strategies to facilitate rapid skill development. At RIS Ratchapruek, ELD students are immersed in a rich English-speaking environment and selectively enrolled in core mainstream subjects to give them frequent opportunities to interact with classmates and teachers. ELD students also get individualized support to accelerate their academic success.

Small-group pull-out and language support classes provide specialized learning time where content instruction and the development of English skills are closely integrated. Push-in support gives English language learners help within mainstream classes.

RIS uses MAP NWEA and WIDA MODEL testing to track progress in English skills development. Students who progress to higher proficiency levels receive adapted curriculum and assessment accommodations based on their individual needs throughout the year.

Click here to learn how the ELD program at RIS is further tailored to each section—ES, MS, and HS—to meet the specific needs of students at different ages and developmental stages.

Curriculum and Innovation Overview

RIS Ratchapruek is committed to excellence through creativity and inspiration. We strive to develop balanced, successful, and compassionate thinkers who seek to make a difference in the world around them.

RIS Ratchapruek believes that students learn best in an environment where classes and programs are structured around an intellectually stimulating curriculum that is suited to each student’s ability, achievement, motivation, and interest.

Instructional Technology

RIS Ratchapruek promotes instructional and extracurricular activities that use innovative approaches and technological resources to nurture students’ development. We care how our students grow and mature, therefore we seek to understand the impact that technology has on our students’ lives, both in the classroom and outside of it. While RIS Ratchapruek views technology as an essential resource, we endeavor to instill a sense of responsibility for its use in our students’ lives—one full of opportunity and distraction. One way we do this is by defining purposeful and proper use of technology through Learning Innovation Markers. These markers outline a comprehensive framework that enables students to identify the purposes and skills behind the technology and strategies they use in their learning and in their daily lives. Innovation markers integrate and reinforce existing RIS Ratchapruek programs and values, such as the schoolwide Principles of Phoenix.

We further define the proper use of technology through our Responsible Use Policy, known as RIS-CARES. This unique policy seeks to guide students’ growth and maturity by building constructive dialogue with students and parents at each grade level and in each class. Our goal is to help families negotiate and practice appropriate digital health so that when our students leave RIS Ratchapruek, they have a concrete understanding of how to use available resources and innovative tools in creative ways to contribute unique, long-lasting solutions for their own communities and wherever they go.