Extended Day Programs (EDP) 2021–2022)

In the Extended Day Program, students develop skills such as collaboration, teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, and leadership through hands-on, play or inquiry-based learning experiences. EDP activities are run by the RISR community. We believe that positive experience with teachers, staff and peers help students to develop a strong relationship which motivates excitement about learning.  

Courses are taught in English (except foreign language courses) on Mondays-Fridays from 3:00-4:00 pm. EDPs are offered 3 sessions per academic year; 8 classes per session. All EDP courses must have a minimum of 6 students. Fees vary depending on the course duration and specialized courses which require specific equipment/devices. EDP fees are NOT refundable but transferable and within the season.

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EDP Coordinator: Ms. Joelle Guiao

Email: joelleg@risr.ac.th

EDP Support Team

Remo, Strategy & Operations Coordinator at remon@risr.ac.th


Schedule for EDP:                    

Week 1:

March 21 - 25

Week 5:

April 25 - 29  

Week 2:

March 28 - 31

Week 6:

May 2 - 6

Week 3:

April 4 - 8

Week 7:

May 9 - 13

Week 4:

April 18 - 22

Week 8:

May 16 - 20



Make up week: 

May 23 - 27



  • To ensure student safety, the Covered Gym has been designated as the EDP Assembly Point for students in KG-Grade 8. At 2:45 pm, the EDP instructors will meet their students at the Covered Gym and take them to respective classes. At 4:00 pm, the instructors will bring students back to the Covered Gym for pick up.
  • For Pre-K students, their EDP Assembly Point is St. Gerard Hall. At 2:30 pm, the Instructional Assistants (IAs) will bring Pre-K EDP students to their respective EDP classes. The EDP instructors will bring students back to St. Gerard Hall at 4:00 pm for pick-up. Same pick-up procedure as school dismissal.
  • Under no circumstances will students be allowed to go up to EDP classes or enter the pool area on their own. Students who DO NOT participate in EDP must leave school by 3:30 pm
  • For student safety and in compliance with the government COVID-19 directives, please be reminded that parents are NOT allowed in all EDP classes, swimming included.
  • The EDP Coordinator will account for the children’s departure. A child will not be released to anyone other than individuals authorized in the contact information or the enrolling parent(s)/guardian unless there is written authorization on file. Parents must advise the EDP Coordinator in advance, in writing, if a person not listed on the emergency list is to pick up the child.
  • If a child has not been picked up 30 minutes after 4:00 pm, emergency contacts will be called to pick up the child after attempting to contact the enrolling parent(s)/guardian.
  • In the event that the child cannot be picked up by an emergency contact and no parental contact has been made by 5:00 pm, the police department will be notified. If any student is on campus after 6:00 pm, the police department will gain custody of the student and therefore become responsible for getting them home.
  • If a child is picked up late consistently, we reserve the right to no longer provide EDP services for your student.

Thank you for your kind attention and continued support.