School Sandbox Updates

RIS Ratchapruek is currently working with the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Education and OPEC Nonthaburi to meet the health and safety requirements for the School Sandbox program. All students are currently learning off-campus pending approval and notification of a start date on campus.

Off-Campus Learning

RIS Ratchapruek Students are currently learning off-campus. Students have a full schedule of core and sepcialist subjects with synchronous and asynchronous activities. Teachers send a weekly newsletter to parents detailing the current unit of study and student progress. Students use Seesaw, Google Classroom, Zoom, and their school-issued devices to access the program. Learning kits are sent home every two weeks to support engagement and a wide range of challenging and stimulating learning activities for each child.

Blended Learning

Currently pending review and approval, RIS Ratchapruek students will return to campus in a rotation of small groups. Group 1 and Group 2 will alternate days on campus. Students will receive all core instruction in English Language Arts and math in synchronous lessons, whether they are at home or at school. All students will have access to specialist classes. Parents may choose the level of on-campus engagement their students experience. Students will continue to receive learning kits every two weeks, on Day D of their A, B, C, and D day rotations.

Daily Schedule

The student learning day during Blended Learning is from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM. Staggered arrival and dismissal times are below.

On-Campus Learning

When the government deems it safe, RIS Ratchapruek will resume full in-person teaching and learning on campus.

Parent Communications

Parents may see the monthly SchoolZine newsletter for program overviews and access to previously sent communications. For emergency communications, parents can join the RIS Ratchapruek Official Line. Download the apps via the QR codes below.

Please click our Parent Letter - October 26, 2021 to review our health and safety protocols.

Antigen Test Kit (ATK)

For a list of FDA-approved Antigen Test Kits for the self-reporting system, please see the Ministry of Public Health's updated list.

RIS Ratchapruek Line Official

Thai Chana