Ages 14 - 18

RISR’s high school (HS) program is designed to prepare students for success in their university, career, and community beyond high school. Our mission is to graduate “successful, balanced, and compassionate individuals.” RISR’s unique STREAM approach combines American, standards-based coursework with a holistic approach to developing the skills students need to thrive in the 21st century: critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, and citizenship skills. 

Courses and lessons are structured to make sure students are engaged, challenged, and guided to become independent learners. The STREAM approach guarantees that students have a broad range of courses in science and social sciences, technology, recreation, engineering, arts and languages, and math. Throughout, students use an inquiry-based approach to learning that deepens their understanding and skills. 

RIS students and alumni have had a consistently impressive record of matriculating to the world’s top colleges and universities. RISR’s first Grade 12 class will graduate in the spring of 2026.


RISR offers a college-preparatory high school program. Students earn the American high school diploma, with options for advanced coursework of their choice. A 1:1 laptop program and multiple learning platforms empower students to develop and hone the skills they need to pursue educational and professional goals in the future.

Students in Grade 9 and Grade 10 build a strong foundation in English, mathematics, science, and social sciences, with elective classes creating cross-curricular learning opportunities. Electives include physical education, drama or fine arts, additional modern languages, Thai, or STEM. In Grade 11 and Grade 12, students continue to build their knowledge and skills by choosing from a selection of courses to meet the requirements for the high school diploma. RISR will over Advanced Placement (AP) courses initially and seek authorization to offer the same choice of diploma pathways as RIS.

In combination with its focus on academics, the high school at RISR emphasizes character education and a commitment to the community. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are embedded throughout the curriculum to inspire students to think broadly and become leaders to demonstrate “compassion through action” in line with our vision. All high school students will complete an internship or externship experience, community service, and a capstone project to connect their learning to the local community.

Daily Schedule

Schedules follow a 2-day rotation within the five-day week, starting from A Day on the first day of the school year. Classes are designed to offer collaborative practice as well as target independent learning needs.

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for an RISR diploma, students must earn at least 28  credits, complete their final year of high school at RIS, and fulfill the following minimum requirements:

English – 4.0 (at least one English class per year)

Mathematics – 3.0

Social Sciences – 2.0

Science – 3.0

Performing and/or Visual Arts – 2.0

Physical Education – 2.0

Modern Language – 2.0

Thai – 4.0 (Thai citizens)

Health – 1.0

Tech/STEM – 2.0

Electives – 3.0

RISR students and families may consult the High School Program of Studies, a detailed guide that includes all of the information needed to plan their four-year high school career. Students are encouraged to share information with parents and to spend time consulting with teachers and the student support team whenever possible about specific classes. The guide helps students make informed choices about their desired courses and academic pathway, as well as prepare for university entrance.

Click here to view the Student-Parent Handbook.

University Admissions

Graduates from RIS have attended dozens of universities around the world over the last 65 years.

RIS Ratchapruek focuses on finding the best fit for each child - in terms of country, context, language, and program of study.

The Student Support, curriculum, and guidance teams work together closely to advise students and families on university entry requirements and planning high school coursework and diploma pathways with the end goal in mind.